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The winter collection from Crombie exhibits a painterly palette, decidedly autumnal in tone, with rich chocolate and raisin blended with washed khaki and blue, as well as timeless navy, grey, and black dominating outerwear. Taking inspiration from the Regency era and the originator of what has become the traditional menswear aesthetic, Beau Brummell, the pieces foreground the figure of a modern Byronic hero. Belonging to the school of masculine romanticism, this season’s style attempts to capture the individual, highlighting male archetypes in key portrait pieces including the soldier’s Greatcoat, the pilot’s Aviator, and the gentleman’s Crombie overcoat. The silhouette is linear whilst the compositions are luxurious, with Alashan cashmere, shearling, and butter soft lamb’s leather adding texture and depth. The finish and attention to detail is, as always, faultless.


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