• Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Travelogue
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Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Travelogue

Wanderlust: n. a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world

In the depths of winter, the gentleman will often make arrangements for a short trip abroad; allowing him to indulge his wanderlust and escape the mercurial British weather. Travelling in style whilst remaining practically attired is essential, however the gentleman’s wardrobe must also service more formal events and pursuits while away. Serendipitously, our archivists recently acquired a Crombie pictorial travelogue circa 1982 imagining just such an expedition…

Crombie Simplon-Orient-Express Setting Out

In keeping with the Crombie image of international elegance, a journey on the world-famous Venice-Simplon Express was photographed to illustrate the magnificence of Crombie fabrics styled in the beautiful garments of our leading trading partners from around the globe.

Crombie quality is recognised throughout the world. Only the finest natural raw materials are selected; pure new wool, camel hair and cashmere.

Crombie Simplon-Orient-Express London & departure on one of the world’s most romantic journeys

Immense care is taken during yarn and cloth manufacture, which is a unique combination of advance technology and the traditional skills of hand and eye.

Crombie Simplon-Orient-Express Dining in smart casual style

Our standards are extremely high and we take the greatest pride in our work. That is why every cloth we make has the special Crombie magic.

Crombie Simplon-Orient-Express Ready for the unscheduled on-board business meeting

All our cloths have their own particular characteristics from the soft luxury of cashmere to the colourful appeal of Aberdeen tweed.

Crombie Simplon-Orient-Express Arriving relaxed and ready to explore

Every season we create a range of exciting new designs to compliment our famous classics.

Crombie Simplon-Orient-Express Check in at the luxurious Hotel Danieli - One never has a second chance to make a good first impression

Some of our designs are a subtle mix of wonderful colours, others are very cool and understated.

Crombie Simplon-Orient-Express Elegantly stepping out into new territory

Keep out the cold in a classic Crombie coat.

Crombie Simplon-Orient-Express A moment for quiet reflection

Look your best in a stylish Crombie jacket.

Crombie Simplon-Orient-Express Rekindle the romance

Seek out the Crombie label when choosing quality garments. Our special brand of magic is for all seasons!

Crombie Simplon-Orient-Express Practical yet sophisticated

After a relaxed yet stimulating adventure, our travellers are homeward bound and ready to face the British winter with renewed vigour and anticipation.

Crombie Simplon-Orient-Express Farewell Venice




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