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The Scottish Are Coming...

“If we published a list of Men who wear Crombie Overcoatings, we would only be duplicating the world’s 'Who’s Who.' Kings wear Crombie. So do Ambassadors, Plenipotentiary and Millionaires de Luxe. Crombie Overcoatings by J. & J. Crombie, Scotland are the best woven, the best money can buy.” - Advertisement by Perry & Co. The Philadelphia Inquirer 2nd December 1925

For the title of this article, we paraphrase Yorkshire actor and screenwriter Colin Welland’s famous speech tag line on winning an Oscar at the 1982 Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay, Chariots of Fire; “The British are coming!” Despite the presence of thriving domestic producers, Crombie’s renown for crafting the finest of cloths in their Scottish mills, led bespoke tailors and the foremost clothing retailers in the USA and Canada to seek out genuine Crombie cloth for use in their highest quality men’s coats and suits.

Crombie Brandeis USA Advertisement by Brandeis Stores, The Omaha Daily Bee 22nd January 1916

Crombie’s unrivalled reputation spread quickly across the States from East Coast New York and Boston, through Midwest Chicago, on to West Coast San Francisco and north into Canada, where there was always a need for the warmest winter coats available in the likes of Montreal, Ottawa and Ontario.

Crombie Canada Dover's Coat Advertisement by Dover’s, The Ottawa Citizen 18th September 1948

While bespoke tailors used Crombie cloth to craft individual pieces for the gentry, socialites and tycoons, it was the ubiquitous department store that brought Crombie to the attention of a wider audience. Businessmen, office managers and men-about-town aspired to own a Crombie coat, and the stores competed to attract eager customers. Many stores claimed to carry the widest selection of Crombie coats and offered “special deals” to encourage sales, but Crombie coats were always regarded as their premium lines.

“Do you Know (Many Philadelphians do) That the Very Finest Overcoats Money Can Buy are here on Our Counters by the Hundreds? (We’re speaking of J. & J. Crombie Fabrics from Aberdeen, Scotland, recognized as THE Best.)” - Advertisement by Perry & Co. The Philadelphia Inquirer 13th January 1925

A particular favourite with our North American cousins was the Kashcurl overcoat, employing a specially developed cloth expertly woven from the finest cashmere available at the time; lightweight but incredibly soft and warm due to its raised “curl” finish. These coats were an instant hit with clients and de rigueur for the stylish gentleman.

Crombie Canada The Robert Simpson Advertisement by The Robert Simpson Montreal, The Montreal Gazette 30th November 1934

Today, our coats are still carried by selected retailers in New York, and we have many loyal customers hailing from the States and Canada who have found Crombie online or visited our store while vacationing in London.



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