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ICON: Benedict Cumberbatch

 “I've been quite a late developer on the clothes front,but I've suddenly realised it is one of life's joys.”

Benedict Cumberbatch is widely recognised as one of the worlds most respected and successful actors. With credits including the hugely admired Sherlock TV series, inimitable stage performances and blockbuster award winning movies to his name, his A-list status is undeniable. His sartorial choices also exhibit impeccable taste, which has matured over the course of his career.Crombie - Benedict Cumberbatch Coat

Benedict’s styling team approached us recently as he needed a classic British coat to wear and they immediately thought of Crombie; we were of course delighted to assist. With such an unrivalled range of Crombie coats to choose from, picking just one that fitted the bill wasn’t easy. Ultimately it was our Brown Tweed Retro Coat that caught his eye and this would be paired with our Oatmeal Merino Wool Cardigan.

Crombie - Benedict Cumberbatch Coat

Unbeknownst to us, these pieces were to be worn by Benedict for an exclusive advertising campaign on behalf of the Chinese technology corporation Hisense. The campaign consisted of TV commercials and promotional photography featuring Benedict, and was targeted at Chinese audiences during coverage of the recent football World Cup.

Crombie - Benedict Cumberbatch Coat

Shooting was kept under wraps but echoed the British roots of the sport, with Benedict being portrayed as the quintessential British gentleman enjoying the finer things in life including “a bit of footy on the telly”.

Crombie - Benedict Cumberbatch Coat - Hisense

The end results are a testament to the professionalism of Benedict, and even though we say so ourselves, our coat looks stunning. Based on the iconic Crombie Retro coat, this seasonal on-trend piece has been expertly crafted in 100% pure wool Yorkshire tweed cloth. Button through and in a tailored fit with outbreast welt and front flap pockets, it is versatile enough to add a sense of refinement to both tailored and casual ensembles.

Crombie - Benedict Cumberbatch Coat - Hisense

We’d like to thank Benedict Cumberbatch and his team for choosing Crombie to collaborate on this project.


Brown Tweed Retro Coat

Oatmeal Merino Wool Cardigan



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