• Crombie Meets... The Dapper Chapper
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Crombie Meets... The Dapper Chapper

“With care and love, this coat will be with me for decades. I’ve written about a lot of things in men’s fashion but I’m sure of this; Crombie make the world’s finest overcoats.” Adam Tanous, The Dapper Chapper

Following on from our fascinating encounter with Joth Davies of Savills Barbers, we sat down with blogger and stylist, Adam Tanous to discuss his views on all things men’s style. Led by Adam, The Dapper Chapper is a community of stylish and suave writers from London and Edinburgh, with a cult following, providing the ultimate style advice for the modern man.

As soon as we met Adam, we instinctively knew he was a gentleman who understands the importance of always dressing and looking your best. We were keen to discuss his own personal style, his trend predictions for 2018, his thoughts on the Crombie in-store experience and our iconic range of coats.

Adam Tanous of The Dapper Chapper sporting his Crombie Pure Wool Navy Herringbone King Coat Adam Tanous of The Dapper Chapper sporting his Crombie Pure Wool Navy Herringbone King Coat

Why did you set up The Dapper Chapper and what do you think the reason is for your cult following on social media? I started The Dapper Chapper as a creative outlet whilst I had a 9-5 job in PR and quickly realised there wasn’t a huge amount of gents talking about men’s lifestyle, particularly within the luxury sector. I think because I’ve been consistent and released a blog a day from when we started we’ve been able to grow quickly.

How would you describe your personal style? Style is the key word and we tend to cover brands that produce timeless garments over fashion pieces. During the day I wear a lot of minimal clothing, inspired by Scandi brands but during the evenings I am usually seen well-tailored in a suit, often-double breasted, with an opulent pocket-square.

What item of clothing could you not live without? Well, before I got my Crombie coat I’d have said a pocket-square, but now…

Adam Tanous of The Dapper Chapper being fitted for his Crombie coat Adam Tanous of The Dapper Chapper being fitted for his Crombie coat

You recently visited our Crombie store in Conduit Street, London, how would you describe the experience? The store is peaceful, charming and classic. I was expertly served by one of the resident tailors, who enlightened me on the various styles, fabrics and stories attached to different designs. I know from chatting to lots of people about tailoring, chaps tend to feel a sense of intimidation about shopping in-store at premium brands when looking in from the outside, much like the stigma that comes with the Savile Row stores. Yet, there’s in fact no need to worry because having little or no understanding about styles, fabrics or even the best way to button your coat doesn’t matter. When you’re in the Crombie store you’ll be educated without having to feel like you’re out of place. I actually got the impression that my tailor thrived on the opportunity to educate me on certain points, which I enjoyed.

“The Crombie. A statement piece that commands respect effortlessly. It is the ultimate men’s coat and currently the favourite item in my wardrobe.” Adam Tanous, The Dapper Chapper

What has been your favourite fashion trend of 2017? For casual looks, I’ve been pleased to see the continued rise from the Scandinavian brands because focus is often put on clean lines, a statement feature and quality materials, which is really all you need.

More importantly this year, I have seen a genuine desire for gentlemen to want to explore more in tailoring. We’ve always had good engagements on suiting for weddings and work gear but it seems that well-tailored jackets and pocket-squares are creeping into the wardrobe for leisure time much more than before.

What trends are you looking forward to for 2018? I hope the interest and excitement around tailoring, particularly British brands, continues to grow and we can help with the transition between generations. Savile Row and co make fantastic clothes, but have developed an elitist reputation when actually, lots of pieces or collections are far more accessible to the mainstream than people think. We’ll certainly be doing all we can to showcase this in 2018.

What accessory should every well dressed gentleman own? Have I mentioned I like pocket-squares?

What’s your top grooming tip? Once you find your barber, stick with him. I’ve reviewed lots of luxury grooming venues this year and despite their talent I’ve realised that what’s more important is having someone who understands and is capable with your barnet. I now usually send writers to reviews and stick with the man I can trust.

What’s your top tip for finding the perfect suit? My most asked question is about how to find a suit and my response is always to set your criteria first and this will lead you to the right suit. The three questions you need to ask are a) what’s the occasion b) what’s your budget & c) have you seen anything for inspiration. Once you’ve answered these questions yourself, you’ll usually have cut the list of appropriate brands to a handful. If you haven’t, Direct Message me; advice on suiting is free at The Dapper Chapper (link to the Dapper Chapper Website).

What is the essence of men’s style to you? For me, men’s style can come in all shapes and forms but the crucial point is that it should have a positive impact on your life. For example, I know that dressing well adds an extra layer of confidence and therefore helps me achieve more.

What item of clothing will you never throw out? Only a handful of garments are well-made enough to stand the test of time. I have a pair of Churches shoes that will be with me for generations and now, my timeless Crombie can be added to that list. I also had a beautiful bespoke suit made for my wedding day and although it may not fit in ten years, the sentimental value means it’ll always demand a space in my wardrobe.

Crombie Meets The Dapper Chapper

What was the first quality fashion item you bought for yourself? When I was 14-15 Moschino trousers and Burberry shirts found their way into my wardrobe, but before you start building a picture of a teenage Dapper Chapper I can assure you my fashion has since matured.

Do you prefer a flat fold, puff or three-point fold pocket square? As you know chaps, different folds are more appropriate for different occasions and jackets but the puff is my most commonly worn style.

What’s style faux pas can you not bear? The bottom button being done up on a jacket or coat. Remember, when you’re standing up, the rule is for each button (moving top to bottom) on a three button jacket is sometimes, always, never & for a two button jacket it’s always, never.

Who is your style hero? David Gandy and Oliver Cheshire are the best dressed men for what we’re doing at the moment.

What does ‘The Crombie Way’ mean to you? Timeless style. A statement feature that commands respect effortlessly. The Crombie is the ultimate men’s coat & currently the favourite item in my wardrobe.

Crombie Meets The Dapper Chapper





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