• Crombie meets… Savills Barbers
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Crombie meets… Savills Barbers

"I knew about Crombie’s great quality, but I was surprised at just how much my coat protects me from the weather too. It’s unusual to get such a comfy coat that allows you to dress smartly as well."- Joth Davies @ Savills Barbers

In its over 200-year history, Crombie has dressed kings, statesmen and high profile stars, from King George VI to The Beatles. Today it continues this tradition, providing classical tailoring to those with an eye for sartorial elegance.

With its authentic Victorian interior, vintage hairstyles, and appreciation of timeless fashion, Savills Barbers and its owner Joth Davies, are the perfect complement to Crombie. We met up with Joth to find out what ‘The Crombie Way…’ means to him.

Crombie Joth Davies Savills Barbers

How have you found wearing your Crombie coat? Extremely warm, and at the same time, stylish. I knew about Crombie’s great quality, but I was surprised at just how much my coat protects me from the weather too. It’s unusual to get such a comfy coat that allows you to dress smartly too.

I’ve had complements from everyone; young students who come into the barbers and want to know where it’s from, as well as older gentlemen who recognise a Crombie instantly. I’ve been treated to a few stories from their days of wearing a Crombie!

Why did you set up Savills Barbers and how did it progress to have such a cult following? I entered the barbering profession nearly 30 years ago. In 2006 I opened my first shop and then my second in 2009. In 2014 both shops were merged into one and Savills was born, with me designing and project managing the refurbishment. It is an image and an ethos I have had in mind since being a trainee hairdresser back in 1988!

I’m proud to have created something that is unique. A one-stop man shop, created from antique and vintage fixtures and fittings. I handpicked every item in the shop from the barber chairs to pictures on the walls. Every single item in the shop has a story attached to it so as the business grows, the collection grows with it creating memories within history.

Crombie Joth Davies Savills Barbers

Our cult following happened entirely by a mixture of accident and good fortune. I began our social media presence by creating an Instagram based ‘look-book’ for our customers. Social media platforms began to really take off and flourish and I guess that our style and look resonated with a lot of customers and industry professionals out there. Now our product range, Copacetic Gentlemen’s Grooming, perpetuates the art deco styling and reinforces the brand, continuing to place it - and Savills - at the forefront of men’s grooming around the world.

How would you describe your personal style and the barber’s style? From a bygone era, when style and honour were everything to a man. I’ve always been heavily influenced by the styling from the 1920s and 1930s. The style of Savills and barbers within it all hail from that era.

What one item of clothing could you not live without? A good quality, classically styled winter coat such as the Crombie will never go out of fashion and is a real investment piece that just gets better with age, as do great quality shoes; a must in our profession when you are ‘on your feet’ for most of the day! Britain still leads the world in excellent quality, highly stylish investment fashion.

Crombie Joth Davies Savills Barbers

What accessory do you believe every well-dressed gentleman should own? When wearing a shirt and tie, every gentleman should invest in tie clips and collar bars. They give you a distinctive look and set you apart from the crowd. Both are very simple but ubiquitous accessories.

What’s your top grooming tip? When applying your styling product to your hair, towel dry it first. Water will act as a seal and prevent the product penetrating the hair and providing the hold you seek. If you partially dry it first you will get a much better result from your product.

What is the essence of men’s style to you? Style is not just about what items of clothing you wear. It’s about how you conduct and present yourself to others. It’s about having the attitude that makes everything you do, say and wear look cool and finding your own personal style. Sure, you should care about other people’s opinion, but ultimately dress to please yourself, because if you feel good, you will look good too.

Crombie Joth Davies Savills Barbers

What piece of clothing will you never throw out? Same answer as the items of clothing I could not live without, as quality clothing items are synonymous with longevity. They never go out of fashion and are always revered. Rather like the classic haircuts that Savills is famous for; the pomp, DA, Jellyroll etc will always look good and never date.

What was the first quality fashion item you bought for yourself? Of course, it has to be a made-to-measure suit. There is nothing like having a quality suit for elevating a man’s status and making him feel great. However, having one made bespoke is truly an amazing experience.

In your opinion, what’s the ultimate style faux pas? Really, there should not be anything such as a style faux pas. It is all a matter of opinion and what looks great on one person can look terrible on another. If I had to truly choose one, it would be purely based on functionality or lack of - wearing sunglasses at night and/or indoors; Pointless.

Finally, who are your style heroes? There is a guy from Berlin called Gunther Krabbenhoft. He lived his quite ordinary life happily out of the spotlight until recently when a chance photograph propelled him to cyber-stardom purely because as a 72-year-old, he looks cool and possesses swag in bucket loads. He always looks coordinated and cool at a point in his life when many don’t care. I hope I look as good as him in another ahem…..few decades.

Crombie Joth Davies Savills Barbers

Our thanks to Joth and his team at Savills Barbers, Sheffield for their time and allowing us to use their fascinating and unique shop for this photo shoot.





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