• Chivalry & The Contemporary Gentleman
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Chivalry & The Contemporary Gentleman

“A gentleman is someone who does not what he wants to do, but what he should do.” - Haruki Murakami

Some say that chivalry is irrelevant (and even undesirable) in the modern world. However, we believe that the basic tenets of chivalry should be at the core of contemporary gentlemanly conduct.

Sir Walter Raleigh, Queen Elizabeth 1st & Crombie "The night had been rainy, and just where the young gentleman stood a small quantity of mud interrupted the Queen’s passage. As she hesitated to pass on, the gallant, throwing his cloak from his shoulders, laid it on the miry spot, so as to ensure her stepping over it dry-shod."

The apocryphal story of Sir Walter Raleigh laying his cloak over a puddle to allow Queen Elizabeth clean passage epitomises traditional chivalry. Today, a gentleman should offer their partner his coat or jacket on a cold evening.

Crombie Navy Wool Rich Raincoat with Red Interior Re-introduced by popular demand for the new season, this elegant yet practical piece echoes the iconic styling of our legendary red-lined retro coat.

Jousting tournaments and pageantry have been replaced by high profile social events and occasions that give everyone an opportunity to “dress to the nines”. Today’s gentleman is yesterday’s brave knight, and his outerwear is his shining armour.

Sir Galahad & Crombie

At its heart, being chivalrous simply means treating others as you would hope to be treated; respectfully and courteously. If this can be achieved with a sense of style and elegance as well, then the gentleman’s journey to becoming a modern day Sir Galahad is well begun…

Crombie Chivalry Word Cloud

Credits: Extract from the Waverley Novels by Sir Walter Scot. Illustration Sir Walter Raleigh lays down his cloak for Queen Elizabeth I by Peter Jackson



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